Reflections Line

The Reflections Line was created by Marianicola Parenti (Studio Ass. Architecture Parenti e Tagliapietra - living and working in Venice, she has collect everyday the light and reflections of her city, created by the constant presence of water from either the lagoon or the rain.   Venice produces unique colours and shapes which have been transformed into imaginative interior design objects.  Each one has individual characteristics representing in different ways: a puddle, a bridge, a rivulet.

They are created in wood with the reflections of water and light in mosaic.

MNMVenezia has managed to gather together reflections of light and water and trasform the into mosaics and incorporate them into the design.  Her aesthetic sense, and passion for shapes and colour have given life to this play of light.  These mosaics in glass paste (smalti)have given a vibrancy to the wooden forms.

The Craftsman Renzo Gaiardi ( - Renzo's Works) has put the project into concrete form. With experience, passion and calm he has fashioned the wood to bring Reflections into being.    Each piece is unique as it is made by hand and created from natural living materials.

The MASEGNI concept is one of a puddle of water where the sun is reflected in the outlines of the ground.  These few drops of water are transformed into mosaics reprinting the varying colours of the reflected light.

The RIO concept is to reproduce in the try shape the hollow of a canal where multicolored frames of the palaces are reflected.

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