When you think of Venice it is easy to think of glass.

However, allthough I was surrounded by it, I encountered it after other very different experiences. I have been living in the city for 26 years, and 20 years ago I became a citizen of Venice.


This is where I began my artistic training, at Art School, specialising in the art of antique printing. I then studied restoration and worked in that field for 10 years, using stucco and mural paintings. 

When I was a child I used to paint on rocks, and at the age of 11 I attended my first painting studio (with the artist Olimpia Biasi).

Today I make small and large mosaics, inspired by themes that I feel passionate about, and on commission for private, in collaboration with designers and for the best Venetians glasswork. We all possess our artistic language, it is innate. Sometimes we forget it along the way but for some of us it remains a necessity. In particular for those who never abandon it it becomes the only means of expression. I understood that Matter and the materials of art are powerful. Simple, basic ingredients can yield incredible results.

This is what I love about my work. And then, finally, I encountered glass. My mosaics are made with pieces of glass paste (produced by the famous historical Orsoni Furnace in Venice). Glass is not just sand and a few other minerals that have been fused together. The color of glass changes according to the temperature of fusion and the cooling time, factors that also affect how fragile or hard it is. The cut must be functional to the subject, and the pieces are no longer a limitation to the composition that I wish to create. It is not a matter of filling space, but exploring new artistic paths,  of drawing, or painting, a declination of the technique in favor of what I want to represent.

Every work is unique.

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