Near Rialto, in the heart of the city, find Hotel Ai Reali. The “TESSERAE” exhibition started on 11th of November.

A word and a title chosen, for the different and complementary meanings: TESSERA derives from the Latin word tessĕra and means squares, rectangles and and the same term is also used in English to describe the mosaic tiles.

Moreover TESSERE, with the grave accent on the first "è", is also the verb derived from the Latin tĕxĕre, it indicates the activity of weaving the threads, to make a textile.

A word that therefore contains both an idea of ​​solidity, as well as that of flexibility, the possibility of being modified, intertwining creatively and composing with art. In this way, different materials such as glass paste, wood, natural plaster based on selected marble powders, mix and tell the research and work of the last two years.

The works, located in the historic residence, are discreetly revealed in the path between the noble salons and in the renowned restaurant Alle Corone.

The various female portraits, small and large, dress so charmingly while the olive wood and enamel sculptures vibrate surrounded by the refined elegance of the rooms. Riflessi Line, is an exclusive collection, inspired by Venice and born from the collaboration with the architect Marianicola Parenti who designed them and the artisan Renzo Gaiardi who carved the wood then joining the glassmosaic, completed looks like the water of Venice.

Created specifically for this exhibition, Wild Woman, the latest work, is clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau and the artist Alphonse Mucha, included the research and passion for the theme of the feminine, which marks the evolution of a personal journey through the technique and the interpretation of the subjects.

The interpreted artists are like masters, the materials are the proof of the work and research achieved, starting a storytelling that I had only imagined before, conditioning my doing arousing emotions, ideas, and they are the real protagonists, as testimony to this proccess.

Honored that my works have found a warm welcome AI Reali, a place where the hospitality is an art, I rewrite the blogpost after the recent, terrible days of high water that hit the city. Thanks to the care and attention of all staff , despite the hardships of the past few days, they have safeguarded my works in this emergency situation. A
 new bond has been established, between works and the place that has welcomed them, thanks to that fragility that brings us closer to beauty, for the feelings that it generates in each of us.


The works will remain on exhibit at the Ai Reali Hotel until November 2020.

For information write to: info@mnmvenezia.com

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