A special showcase project, designed for Fondaco dei Tedeschi and presented on the occasion of The Venice Glass Week 2020.

Starting from 5 September, a selection of 12 glass artists, for the second edition of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi project "Venezia è viva. Viva Venezia", wants to show how much the territory is still committed to the search for contemporary and authentic design and how much  the creative potential of the city is still alive.

It's possible? of course yes!

This project is a co-creation with Catherine Urban, founder of Casarialto and her new Casarialto Atelier project.

Remember the first Arcade video games?

Catherine and I,  we are already collaborating to create a collection of mosaic stools, but for this project we have chosen the 80s video game "Space Invaders",has been reinterpreted with mosaic tiles. With a total of 4500 elements, the whole structure represents the analogy between the ancient roots of mosaic art and the pixel structure of the first video games.

This project that aims to bring the digital world into the Venetian tradition.


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