Abstract artwork

In collaboration with Mosaici Veneziani, we are carrying out a great project: three large pictures, measuring three meters each, that reflect like waves the colors of the sunset, of luscious nature and of the cold winter sky or - why not - a glacier?

Working on a large scale gives great satisfaction but requires special solutions in connection with the logistics of the city. First of all in making the work: often the working space available is not sufficiently big. Therefore, after ordering the components, like in a collage, we assembled the various parts in a second workshop that was sufficiently large for the task. And how does one transport objects this large and heavy? Apart from the physical strain, the right boat is required. But the magic takes over when the reflections of the water play on the works like waves on the sea.

Glass takes on a liquid form and creates abstract movements that encourage the viewer to suggest the outcome. Like in a free-hand exercise, there are no rules other than the suggestive dance of the colors. What about you? What does your imagination suggest? Have fun!

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