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THE VENICE GLASS WEEK is an international festival dedicated to the art of glass. The festival involves many of the major institutions in Venice, Murano and Mestre, with the aim of revitalizing and sustaining one of the city’s most important artistic and creative activities.

Doble date, for me. Stay tuned!

Venice Matter To me, Venice is Matter: water, glass, marble, stucco, wood. Venice Matter is the source of my inspiration. The creative process takes on a new vocation, mixing techniques and materials in an endless process of personal expression. MNMVenezia presents mosaics made of glass paste: one by one, glass pieces fill the cracks of olive wood and give it a sensuous wavy movement. Small pictures made of glass, the portraits of the Favorites. Patterns of Motifs taken from brocades and marbles recreated using glass pieces; large mosaics immersed in a Venetian stucco background made with natural products following the tradition of "marmorini" stuccoes. Matter, powerful and evocative, is breaths art and takes shape. Surrounded by the scents and the intoxicating invisible elements that permeate the Sorelle Sforza perfume shop, the mosaics of MNMVenezia offer exiting new experiences.

Woman Portrait, inspired by Egon Schiele - 160x50 cm, glass paste tiles and natural stucco made with lime and selected Italian marble  powder.

Event photo by Bruna Marchetti.

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