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To me, Venice is Matter: water, glass, marble, stucco, wood. Venice Matter is the source of my inspiration.

The creative process takes on a new vocation, mixing techniques and materials in an endless process of personal expression. 

New large mosaics immersed in a Venetian stucco background made with natural products following the tradition of "marmorini" stuccoes. 

Inspired by "Selbstbildnis", Egon Schiele: wooden panel 100x60 cm made of glass paste, 15 different colours of Smalti,  and  natural Stucco based on marble (black ebano e rosa corallo - came from Italian quarry) and lime.

The "Kneeling woman with red and orange dress", always inspired by Egon Schiele: wooden panel 100x70 cm made of glass paste - Smalti and natural Stucco based on marble and lime.

(Self) Portrait, 160x50 cm, inspired by the work of Schiele, crafted in my own personal style: glass paste tiles and natural stucco with different marble powders. created for The Venice Glass Week 2018.

Thanks to the Master Egon for the lesson: we must always express our emotions in what we do.

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