The favorites

The favorites

It all began with a postcard that I found in a museum shop many years ago.

nudo di schiena , Henri Matisse

I happened to make a mosaic of it, and I quite liked it, and then I made another and another and so on. They were all based on casual choices, or so I believed, based on my instinct and my personal taste. The common thread: women. Then I realized that each of these women called the next one to my attention as if they were acquainted, although different artists had painted them in different periods and in different styles. As if they were all the same, unique woman. What differs is the gaze of the artist, but the emotion is the same every time.

The Favorites

I dedicated my first collection to them, drawing my inspiration from the great artists that have painted them. They are my favorite, but also the favorites of those artists: women of all periods, real or imaginary, revealed and celebrated. 

And you? what is your favorite? Discover all them!

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