The collaboration with Catherine Urban, after the first series of mosaic stools - have you seen them? - continued, creating a series of triangular mosaic coffee tables, inspired by the 1950s design,  made to spend pleasant moments of relax: reading a book, sipping a cup of tea, or coffee or, why not, an excellent glass of wine, and sharing and enjoy some good moments with your guests.

Of course, always with style!

Currently there are 5 different tables: Sole, Alba, Palmira, Fragola and Acqua, all made with colored glass paste tiles and real gold leaf tiles from the historic Orsoni furnace in Venice which produces them following the ancient Byzantine recipe.

They are all unique pieces, entirely handmade, created with passion and dedication.

The triangle mosaic tables are born by Casarialto Atelier, a co-creation project that combines the creativity of Catherine - the designer - and the artisan savoir-fair, a project that aims to promote the excellence of the Venice and italian territory and bring them directly to you, in your homes.

A collaboration that I am proud of, it's always great when something that is only in mind becomes real, using my hands. It's like to start for a new adventure! This is what I like about my job!

The triangle coffee tables are on sale here: CASARIALTO ATELIER

Of course, Catherine and I, we are available for any questions and curiosities! Don't miss them! And find your style combination!

If you want to find out a little more about this project, in the previous article I am going to tell you how - and with which works - Casarialto Atelier started.

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