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The Riflessi line is a tribute to Venice, and to its element, water, which surrounds it and makes up its form. 

A series of custom objects for the home, entirely handmade according to the design of Arch. MariaNicola Parenti, the craftsman Renzo Gaiardi and MNMVenezia mosaics. 

Two plates, modeled in hand-crafted cherry wood,  in large and small dimensions,  finished with glass tiles with gold leaf from the historic Orsoni Furnace in Venice. 

The MASEGNI concept is one of a puddle of water where the sun is reflected in the outlines of the ground.  These few drops of water are transformed into mosaics reprinting the varying colours of the reflected light.

Each piece is unique

Design and realization: 2019.

On exhibit at Hotel ai Reali, Venice until November of 2020.

Available! Please contact me at for more info

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Available, please contact me at for more info

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