Paul-Elie Ranson - Le chambre blueu

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This painting is an invitation to discover the world of this wonderful Nabi artist.
Paul-Elie Ranson underlines femininity by portraying a woman immersed in an intimate and suggestive atmosphere. His artistic language draws its emotional strength from his use of colors to evoke his world by creating scenes that are filled with symbolic references.
He intention was to renew the whole concept of painting by liberating it from the constraint of copying from reality and paving the way for the chromatic revolution that characterized the expressionist movement.

Mosaic, 20x20 cm.

Made with glass paste tiles, from the kilns of the Fornace Storica Orsoni. Colours: various tonality of grey, violet, blue, yellow, emerald green and black.

Each mosaic can be framed to choice: wood (treated and waxed) either whitewashed or dark-brown effect; otherwise oxidized iron whichever best fits with your environment and personal taste.

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Glass paste mosaic inspired by Paul Ransom' s painting: "The Blue Room", 1881.
Supporting material: wood
Measure of mosaic: 20x20 cm.
All the mosaics can be mounted on a wooden or iron frame.
mounted on a handpainted wooden frame (with wax treated wood): light/dark effect
overall dimensions: 30x30 cm,
2 cm Profile thickness or
mounted on a frame of oxidized iron,
overall dimensions: 20x20 cm,
0,2 cm Profile thickness, 5 cm height.

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