Venezia - Inspired by Fortuny pattern "Piumette"

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Mosaic, 20x20 cm.

Pattern 2 from “Triptyque Venezia – Piumette” inspired by a classic Fortuny design. Made with glass paste tiles, from the kilns of the Fornace Storica Orsoni. Colours: black and gold.

Each mosaic can be framed to choice: wood (treated and waxed) either whitewashed or dark-brown effect; otherwise oxidized iron whichever best fits with your environment and personal taste.

Detalis on “More info” and “The Work”.

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Glass paste mosaics inspired by Fortuny pattern "Piumette"
Supporting material: wood
Measure of mosaic: 20x20 cm.
All the mosaics can be mounted on a wooden or iron frame.
mounted on a handpainted wooden frame (with wax treated wood): light/dark effect
overall dimensions: 30x30 cm,
2 cm Profile thickness or
mounted on a frame of oxidized iron,
overall dimensions: 20x20 cm,
0,2 cm Profile thickness, 5 cm height.

The Work

The creative development of Mariano Fortuny is an importante influence and inspiration for my own personal research. He was a many-sided artist, a true European who had absorbed the culture of Spain, France and Italy. He applied his interest in the ancient civilization of the Mediterranean (Minoan, Cretan and Egyptian) and the Middle East to his artistic production, by experimenting and inventing a technique for printing on cotton fabric, and he become a great interpreter of the trends of his time and a reference for fashion.  

I was fascinated by his innovation and by the combination of art and technology that he used, and in particular by the fact that his shawls, a typical Venetian garment, could evoke, in the early 20th century those distante worlds and cultures that nowadays are accessible to us by a simple mouse-click. These exotic motifs adorned the women of that period in Venice first, and then in many other countries. All this happened here, in Venice, not in Paris or elsewhere.

Beacuse Venice is a crossroad, a place where different style, cultures and art form merge from allover the world and form a new language. Here art can embrace infinite possibilities of expression. Although in Venice today this vitality is far less present, its history is present wherever you look, and for those who live here the dialogue continues unchanged, as does its eclectic, for those who are aware of it.

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