(Self)Portrait of woman


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Artwork, 140x50 cm.

Inspired by the work of Egon Schiele, crafted in my own personal style: glass paste tiles from historic Venetian Orsoni furnace and natural stucco with different marble powders: white Botticino and pink Coral. 
Tiles and stucco alternate in a rhythm of full and empty spaces, reflections of light and flat areas from which the design comes to life.

Decorate your favorite room, at home, or your studio, with elegance and uniqueness

Create for the second edition of The Venice Glass Week event in 2018, this work is a unique piece.

Do you like it? WRITE ME  (SELF) Portrait of woman is still available.

I'll be happy to answer to all your questions.

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3 700,00 €

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self (Portrait) of woman

Unique artwork, made on wooden panel with glass paste tesserae, and traditional Venetian marble plasters background.

Please write to INFO@MNMVENEZIA.COM for more information and to define details such as delivery or shipping.

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