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To me, the Art is Matter: water, glass, marble, stucco, wood. 

The creative process takes on a new vocation, mixing techniques and materials in an endless process of personal expression. 

New little mosaics immersed in a Venetian stucco background made with natural products following the tradition of "marmorini" stuccoes. 

Venetian view, 35x15 cm.

A snapshot, the memory of the city we love and imagine visiting, or returning.

"Beauty is not a commodity, but a cultural heritage" - S.Settis, Se Venezia muore.

Black tesserae immersed in a stucco based of cocciopesto and lime.

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dimensions: 35x15X2 cm (length x height x depth)

wooden base and frame

Hand-cut mosaic with black glass paste tiles from the historic Orsoni furnace, Venice - made with the ancient traditional Byzantine technique.

Background of traditional Venetian plaster based on cocciopesto and  lime


Do you want the skyline of your favorite citiy?

You can choose your skyline, the size of the artwork and the colors of the tiles and background.

For your personal project WRITE ME to define all the details!

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